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Fire Department Lock Boxes Supplied and Installed

Fire Departments throughout the Lower Mainland rely on lock boxes and key tube vaults to gain access to your property quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. Al Scott Lock & Safe Ltd. offers a variety of solutions to meet the security access requirements of your property (keys, access cards, etc.) while facilitating efficient access for first responders. We install everything we sell and do so with minimal interruption to the activities of your business, building or institution.

keypad safe

Benefits of the Fire Department Lock Box

While this is a voluntary program, there are many benefits to including a lock box as part of your fire safety plan. Consider this, a lock box:

  • Provides immediate return on investment the first time it is used
  • Prevents costly forced entry through doors or windows
  • Prevents injuries to firefighters
  • Allows first responders to enter a building quickly if an occupant inside is unable to provide access

Our Fire Department Lock Boxes and Key Vaults

Key Deposit Tubes

The key deposit tube vault is the Fire Department’s preferred style of lock box. The key deposit housing is made of steel; the cylinder housing is made from hardened steel. Installation requires the tube vault to be cored into the cement. At least 8” of cement is required. The tube will hold 2-4 keys.
If an access card is required to be left inside of the tube vault then the 3” tube is what you need*
* 3” Tube may not be exactly has shown in the picture.

Fire Plan Boxes

Some cities require a fire plan box mounted inside of the building lobby. The box either requires a cam lock or a combination padlock that the fire department has access to. Keys shouldn’t be left inside this box.
Measurements: 13.5” W x 13.5” H x 5” D.

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