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Our Featured Security Products

At Al Scott Lock & Safe Ltd. our goal is to help you stay one step ahead of the thieves. In today’s world, that isn’t always easy, so that is why we are always on the lookout for new security products that offer our clients in Vancouver the highest level of security. So whether your security needs are residential, commercial or institutional, you can trust us to carry the newest products that offer the best security possible for your property.

We Carry Featured Products From:

Medeco: A Worldwide Leader in Security

Medeco designed its high security product line with pick and drill resistant features that thwart the tools thieves use most often to gain entry. When a thief sees Medeco locks on your interior or exterior doors, file cabinets, gates, and other secure areas, he will likely decide it isn’t worth the risk. Medeco’s patented key control systems make it virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission.

This low-cost solution protects against potential liability for your facility. Medeco has pioneered extremely large Master Key systems that are available through our exclusive use of angled cuts on our keys and slider combinations. With millions of combinations, Medeco can accommodate even the largest installations.

Medeco Hybrid
Medeco hybrid blue key

Tie your security solution together with the Hybrid. The Medeco Hybrid key combines the security of traditional Medeco locking systems, with the flexibility of an EAC all in one convenient package. The high-security mechanical blade ensures a high level of security on doors that may not warrant the monitoring and flexibility of an EAC system, but still require the pick resistance, key control, as well as the master keying capabilities Medeco locks provide.

The proximity chip in the head of the key works with most existing access control systems and allows the user to carry only one credential for both their EAC and non-EAC doors. Complementing your EAC system with Medeco security eliminates EAC audit trail bypass by picking, bumping, or copied keys resulting in unauthorized key holders.

Assa Abloy: Professional Solutions for Ultimate High-Security Needs

The world is challenged by mounting security threats in every conceivable sector. Our mission is to meet these challenges and to provide complete locking solutions for the 21st century’s marketplace. ABLOY Protec2 is one more milestone in that mission. ABLOY locks and cylinders are chosen worldwide for highly sensitive applications. They are recognized as the world’s premium high-security locking systems, used extensively by private, commercial, institutional, and municipal users who demand the ultimate in high security.

Security solutions may vary at different premises according to their size and type of business. But the need for high-security system solutions is universal. As an example, the world is dependent on water, electricity, and communications networks.

Security in these utilities is essential for our well-being and therefore their protection is vital. A growing number of applications depend upon the ability to deliver their services 24/7. Any break or interruption to their service caused by vandalism or physical attack can prove devastating for the security, health, financial costs, and reputation of a facility or an enterprise.

Combining safety, security, and convenience is a challenging task so the quality, design, and functionality of the locking system must meet those challenges. Security threats are not static, nor are the solutions. ABLOY has extensive experience and expertise in the field of high security locking systems and we can offer you highly secure and customized solutions.

Secure in Every Way

In an ABLOY Protec2 locking system, different products can be keyed into the same master key system and thus all products can be operated with just a single key. This simplifies your locking system and key management. The range is wide, there are 1.97 billion different key combinations providing the possibility to create extensive Master Key systems that fulfil your exact specifications. ABLOY Protec2 is durable and long-lasting thanks to its superior design and precision manufacturing.

The unique and patented rotating disc technology provides smooth and reliable functionality also in extreme environments. ABLOY® Protec2 can be integrated with electromechanical CLIQ-technology. This electromechanical system is intelligent and highly customizable. It enables flexible and secure access management, including time functions, into your daily operations. And in case of a lost or stolen key it can easily be electronically removed. Both the cylinders and keys audit the trail of use. CLIQ makes things click. It lifts your locking security to a whole new level.

Assa Abloy Product Literature


Arrow is a division of ASSA ABLOY, one of the lock manufacturers the world trusts most to protect what’s important. Arrow is popular among business owners because it offers outstanding hardware at an affordable price. Our featured Arrow Products include:

Revolution v2 Touchscreen Lever

Revolution v2 Touchscreen Lever

  • A Residential Grade 2 Product
  • Multi-lingual voice prompted programming in English, Spanish, and French
  • Key override for emergency access or cleaners use
  • Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use

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Rk Series Cylindrical Knobs

RK Series Cylindrical Knobs

Arrow's RK Series knob sets are ANSI Grade 2 UL Listed. For standard doors 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" thick. Non-handed, 2-3/8" to 2-3/4" deadlatch backset. Commercial quality with 6 different finishes available (special requests may take up to 6 weeks to receive and minimum quantity may apply. 32D is satin stainless steel and is the most common finish.


DC500 Series Door Closers

DC500 Series Door Closers

The Arrow DC500 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Applied Door Closers are ideal for institutions or other high traffic applications. The DC500 is designed for end-users looking for value and versatility in a rugged design making this series suitable for a wide variety of applications.

DC516: Non-Hold Open Closer
DC516-1: Hold Open Closer
DC516-2: HD dead stop NHO
DC516-3: HD dead stop HOD

RL Series Cylindrical Levers

RL Series Cylindrical Levers

The RL Series cylindrical levers prove cost-efficient in a variety of applications; perfect for multi-family housing markets, as well as commercial applications. This product is now available in either standard or IC core versions and both are supplied with removable thru-bolts.

The RL Series has been designed to meet the requirements of ANSI, A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2 UL Listed for use on 3 hour, A label single swinging doors. RL Levers conform to ADA requirements.


DC300 Series Door Closers

DC300 Series Door Closers

The Arrow DC300 Series surface applied door closers are an economical value for customers requiring convenience and security in an affordable package. They are ideally suited for retail or office buildings.

DC314 closers are adjustable for spring sizes 1 to 4
DC325 closers are adjustable for spring sizes 2 to 5
DC304 fixed size 4
DC305 fixed size 5


  • UL/cUL listed
  • UL10C listed for positive
  • pressure to comply with UBC-72 (1997)
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI
  • A156.4
  • Adjustable size closers may be
  • Adjusted to meet requirements of ADA and ANSI ICC A117.1


Schlage’s role in the evolution of door hardware and security has been substantial. The company’s roots date back to the 1920’s, when Mr. Schlage opened his first lock shop. Over the next 90-plus years, the company would introduce a family of quality products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. In 2013, Schlage joined the Allegion family of brands, North America’s #1 manufacturer of security and safety products. Today, over 40 million homeowners trust Schlage to keep their property safe.

AD Series

The AD Series of electronic locks from Schlage was designed to be flexible, adaptable and scalable—perfect for meeting today’s security needs while ensuring it can evolve as needs change in the future. Ideal for classrooms, apartments, offices, or anywhere a little extra security is required.


The CO-100 standalone lock offers electronic access control without the cost or complexity of a networked system. Plus, it’s manually programmable, giving you the freedom to assign unique 3-6 digit to different users, thus minimizing the number of mechanical keys to be issued.

L Series

When it comes to commercial locks, nothing is tougher than the Schlage’s L Series. Designed to stand up to regular use and abuse while delivering seamless performance, this series of heavy-duty mortise locks get the job done day in and day out in a variety of settings.

Schlage Product Literature

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